General Terms and Conditions for supplies and services of Inovag Ladenbau GmbH & Co. KG

These conditions form the basis of all our supplies and services together with

any separate contractual agreements which may arise. This shall also apply to

all future supplies and services, without any separate express reference being

required. Any deviating conditions of purchase of the Customer are not part of

the subject matter of this agreement, even if we do not expressly reject these.

Signing of the contract, scope of service

   Our offers are always non-binding and subject to change. The scope and implementation
      of the supply is subject to the Customer’s order and our written order confirmation. Subsidiary

      agreements, changes and amendments to the delivery contract and these terms and

      conditions are only legally binding when they are agreed in writing. With the exception

      of managers and authorised signatories, our employees are not authorised to consent to

      verbal agreements which deviate from this one.

2.   We are authorised to make partial deliveries of reasonable quantities.

3.   Our services do not include: electrical fittings, foundations and all construction work which

      may be necessary. The Customer must provide personnel to help with the unloading.

4.   We are entitled to make changes to the construction and to use materials of equivalent

      value, should there be a shortage of raw materials, so long as doing this does not impair

      the product’s usability for the purpose stated in the contract. We make no guarantee that

      subsequent supplies will be an exact colour match. Commercial colour variations within a

      single delivery are permissible.

      Measurements, weights and conductivity information together with any pictures, drawings

      and descriptions included are only to be treated as approximations. Minor deviations from

      this are permitted.

5.   We retain the ownership and copyright to all estimates, drawings and other documents.

      These documents may not be copied or made available to third parties or other companies.


6.   Prices are ex works including any necessary packaging and excluding assembly, unless

      otherwise agreed.

7.   If requested we can provide the Customer with fitters for a charge, should installation

      (assembly) and start-up not be included in the price.

      If assembly is included in the price our work will generally be conducted during normal

      working hours. The Customer shall be billed separately for additional materials and the

      increased labour that this generates, as well as for the waiting time and overtime of the

      fitters associated with this, and for the fulfilment of any special requests.

Payment terms

8.   Unless otherwise agreed, payment is to be made in full. If the meeting of any and all

      conditions for the amount becoming due such as delivery, assembly or set-up, are delayed

      for reasons for which the Customer is responsible, the due date remains unaltered by the

      delay. The same applies if the agreed payment date is not met or if payment is not made

      within 6 months of the order if a payment date has not been agreed upon.

9.   Failure to meet an agreed payment date will result in interest being billed on arrears. We

      are not required to send a reminder. If the Customer is not responsible for failing to meet

      the payment date, interest of 5% p.a. is to be paid on the outstanding sum from the date

      it becomes due.

10. If the Customer is in arrears with the deposit or payment for two successive instalments

      amounting to a total of at least 1/12 of the purchase price, we are entitled to demand the

      payment of the entire balance, or to withdraw from the contract after the unsuccessful

      expiration of an appropriate grace period. The same applies to an exchange agreement

      should the Customer fail to honour or redeem the bill of exchange on time.

11. The Customer is not permitted to offset against counterclaims which are contentious and

      have not been established as legally binding. The same applies to the exercising of the

      right to withhold performance and right of retention, insofar as these are not aimed at

      fulfilling the same contractual relationship, based on our payment claim.

Retention of ownership

12. The supplied products shall remain our property until full payment of all our current and

      future outstanding claims against the Customer. If the Customer delays payment, we are

      entitled to cancel and the Customer is required to surrender the products. We may then

      satisfy our claims through other sales.

13. The Customer shall keep the retained goods safe for us free of charge. The Customer is

      obliged to inform us immediately if third parties access the goods subject to retention of


14. As long as we retain ownership, the resale, rental or transfer of use on other legal grounds,

      even if the delivered product is modified or provided with other items, is only permitted as

      a resale within the normal course of business provided that they are only allowed to sell

      under the retention of ownership. The Customer hereby cedes to us all claims resulting

      from resale to a third party. This security remains in place until payment of the total

      outstanding amount of the resale to third parties. The reseller is only entitled to collect the

      assigned claims in trust for us as long as it has met its payment obligations to us.

Delivery period

15. The delivery period shall be deemed to have been met if by that date the products to be

      supplied have left the factory or if the Customer has been informed that the items are ready

      to be dispatched, or when the delivered products have been assembled within the delivery

      period, if assembly is included with delivery, assuming ability to work is not hindered.

16. The delivery period shall be extended as appropriate if we do not receive documents,

      clarifications and permits together with partial payments due from the Customer on time.

17. Should the Customer reject acceptance at the end of the delivery period, they must bear

      the costs of storage.

18. The delivery period is based on our estimated capacity and is subject to unforeseen

      circumstances and obstacles which are beyond our control such as force majeure,

      government measures, seizure, uprising, shortage of raw materials, accidental delay in

      material deliveries, operating errors, reductions in energy supply, means of transport.

      Such events together with industrial action of any kind by us or our subcontractors will

      extend the delivery period as necessary.

19. If we are culpable of missing a grace period agreed in writing and the Customer incurs loss

      as a result, for each full week of delay the Customer is entitled to demand compensation

      of 0.5% up to a total of 5% of the invoice amount for the parts of the order in question

      which could not be used as intended. In accordance with this, the compensation to be paid

      by us is due with the last instalment. Further claims for compensation by the Customer

      are excluded.

20. The Customer has a right to withdraw due to failure to meet the delivery time - even with a

      set delivery period - only before accepting the delivery and only then when we have delibe

      rately let lapse a written and appropriate grace period with threat of withdrawal

Transfer of risk

21. Risk passes to the Customer not later than the time at which the consignment leaves

      the factory or depot, even if carriage paid delivery has been agreed. For delivery with

      assembly, the risk of accidental loss, theft, etc., passes to the Customer upon delivery

      to the construction site

22. When shipment is delayed for reasons caused by the Customer, risk passes to the

      Customer at the time at which notification is given that the product is ready for delivery.

Warranty and liability

23. Within the 12 month warranty period we will redress any defect in the product delivered.

      The warranty period begins when the Customer receives the shipment or, if assembly

      forms part of the delivery service, once assembly has been finished by our fitters,

      regardless of formal acceptance. The commercial deadlines for notice of defects shall

      remain unaffected. The statutory limitation period applies to claims for damages due to

      injury to life, body or health together with claims for gross negligence.

24. We will either repair the damaged parts or replace them at our discretion. The warranty

      covers the free replacement of materials. The fitters’ expenses for travel and working

      time together with agreed allowances for the fitter, travelling expenses, expenses and

      also the freight costs are charged to the Customer in accordance with our rates at the

      time of the repair. This does not apply under the warranty when assembly is completed

      by us incorrectly. If the set-up cannot be carried out at the installation site, the product

      delivered is to be sent to us or to a place named by us, carriage paid. Any parts removed

      shall become our property.

25. The warranty does not cover defects caused by materials supplied or required by Customer

      including third-party products or for example by a design ordered by the Customer,or

      damages which arise through non-compliance with critical loads or usage guide lines as

      per our sales documents.

26. If the remedy of a defect which is covered under the warranty fails or is completely

      impossible, the Customer has the right to a reduction in price. In the case of other services

      such as construction work, the Customer can withdraw from the contract if its interest in

      the delivery has objectively ceased due to the defect.

27. Our liability for compensation, irrespective of the legal basis, is limited to intent, gross

      negligence and negligent breach of contractual obligations. Contractual obligations are

      obligations that the Customer may rely on their being met and the fulfilment of which

      generally facilitates the proper performance of the contract. Our liability for negligent

      breach of contractual obligations and for gross negligence is limited to typical and

      foreseeable damages. Our liability for injury to life, body or health remains unaffected by

      the above provisions as well as liability under the Product Liability Act.

28. The above disclaimers and limitations of liability also apply to the same extent in relation

      to our executive bodies, legal representatives, employees and other vicarious agents.

Miscellaneous provisions

29. Compensation claims against us, irrespective of the legal basis, are limited to the amounts

      covered by the insurance policies concluded by us.

30. Any ineffective provisions in these terms and conditions of supply shall not affect the

      validity of the remaining provisions.

31. The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes between the contractual partners which

      may arise from the contract - insofar as the Customer is a trader or has no general place

      of jurisdiction in Germany - shall be Bad Hersfeld. We may also choose to bring cases

      before the competent court for the residence or company headquarters of the Customer.


Last amended: February 2012 D

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