• "Together with Inovag Ladenbau we have created a market with a fresh and natural appearance, and not only our customers have taken to this market, it has also gained a gold-medal for shop-ideas in 2015." Heinz Onstein - executive director

REWE Onstein

REWE Onstein - family-owned company since 1838

Since its foundation in 1838 under the name "Onstein grocery store" the market concept has always focused on the garden as a synonym of freshness, naturalness and tranquility - an approach reflected throughout the entire store. This theme starts in the fresh produce department, where decoration includes a lattice partition reminiscent of a garden fence under a suspended ceiling featuring back-lit leaf-shaped cutouts, the positive counterparts of which serve as suspension elements in the cosmetics department whose character they support beautifully. Natural and earthy colours dominate in the market, thus showing the REWE elements branded in CI colours to their best advantage.

Sales floor: 2300 m²

Project period: 9 months

Services: concept planning, project planning, realisation Shopfitting systems, LED illumination

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